We decided to update you with the product changes more often. So here it – a weekly update.

Major changes

  • Design changes (colors) are visible instantly – you don’t need to save them anymore.
  • We added a widget preview in logic – you can see changes while editing the content (questions, answers, etc)
  • ‘Randomize except for the last answer’ added – great to keep ‘Other’ answer at the bottom, while randomizing the rest.

  • When the visitor has scrolled X% of the page‘ firing rule added – great for longer pages or instead of time delay.
  • Add comment‘ option added to single and multiple answer question. You can ask for a comment in the same question instead of creating a follow up text answer question.

  •  We have added blog inside Survicate, so you can access it easily – just click B next to the domain dropdown.

  • We have added a Chrome Store Application, so you can add Survicate to your apps in Chrome. Install it HERE. Reviews apreciated.

Minor changes

  • When you select ‘Add confirmation’ when creating a contact form, and checkbox appears, it becomes obligatory (no submit unless checked). If a person tries to submit without checking it, the font of a confirmation becomes bigger for a second to show what needs to be done.

  • We added a back button in most of the views so you don’t have to click on the logo to come back to the dasboard.
  • Preview glitches fixed.
  • Logic step design changes – we changed quite a bit, to fit the new widget preview.
  • ‘Question text field shorter than question area’ bug fixed.
  • New notification style – they will appear on the left-hand side, and won’t be obtrusive.

Stay tuned for more