Questions for increasing e-commerce sales

We prepared a list of 7 questions that our users find the most useful for online stores and which can help you quickly increase sales.

1. What was your the biggest concern about buying from us?

People buy only in stores which they trust. Don’t be surprised – you handle their money and stories about online frauds get a lot of coverage in media. This is why it is valuable to know why people are concerned about using your store – you can do something about it when you know that.

Maybe users can’t find shipping cost or refund policy? If you find it out, you can instantly act and increase your credibility and thus increase sales.

2. Was there anything about the checkout process that we should improve?

The easy and clear checkout process is crucial for e-commerce. If users don’t understand something or feel misled they leave and probably you won’t see them again. Probably you have experienced that. There are thousands of guidebooks on improving the checkout process.

Probably you know that as well. But online guidebook won’t tell you what particular user thinks and this is the most valuable piece of information. Ask users and you might discover that they don’t like the design based on all the best advice from online e-commerce masters or find obstacles you did not even think of.

3. Compared to our competitors, our prices are lower, higher or about the same?

It would be nice to know how visitors assess your pricing, right? It might turn out that users already see you like a more cost-effective solution than competitors. Then giving additional discounts may be just a waste of money and other kinds of promotion can be more efficient. And I assume that you don’t like wasting money.

4. If you did not make a purchase today, can you tell us why?

I believe you can name at least 10 reasons why you did not make a purchase in online stores that you visit. They might not have what you were looking for. Their website might be ugly. They might not accept your preferred payment method.

But you might also want to buy on the next day because you are busy at the moment. This is why it’s worth to know why users decided not to buy during a specific session.

If users are going to come back and place an order you don’t have to worry. Otherwise, you can use collected answers to improve your services and increase sales.

5. What stopped you from completing the order?

Users sometimes abandon cart – it’s not a big surprise. Statistics show that even more than 60% of users do that. Convincing them not to do that might instantly increase sales of your shop.

Maybe you should highlight shipping cost or security of their data. Some users might have found a better offer somewhere else and you can convince them to buy if you give them a discount or special treatment, which brings us to the next important question.

Ask users why they are leaving to increase sales

6. We can prepare something special for you. Are you interested?

Some people are so used to seasonal sales that they are not interested in buying anything at a regular price. Some people might like your products but think they are a bit too expensive for them.

If you show to present them with a discount or special treatment, they will be more likely to stay and buy your products.

7. Why have you decided to exit the website now?

Visitors might be leaving your website for many reasons. They might be bored or dissatisfied with your website, they might be satisfied and be leaving with a smile on their faces or maybe their neighbor came for a coffee. To make a long story short – there are hundreds of reasons.

When you know them, you know if you have anything to worry about. If so, then you know what specifically you should improve.


There are many more ways to improve your services and increase sales than asking those 7 questions but these are the basics. They can help you increase sales of your e-commerce quickly and then you can implement further improvement.

If you want to try asking users those or other questions, take a look at our special offer for e-commerce.


Daniel Korczyński

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