There are hundreds of them grouped in a few categories. They can help you with advertising, upselling, invoicing, shipping and many more – basically, there is no problem which can’t be solved with at least one app.

However, checking them would be very time-consuming and pretty expensive. This is why we prepared a list of 5 Shopify apps which can greatly help you increase conversion rates and thus increase the revenue of your store.

Shopify apps for boosting conversion

1.   Scout – optimize your store

The arrangement of the product on your website can have a very strong influence on sales. This app allows you to optimize arrangement in order to maximize sales. Scout analyzes sales of specific products and their placement on the website.

It might turn out that top-performing products are hard to find. If you place them in a more visible place, their sales will be even higher. The same works for underperforming products – if a product is well-exposed and does not drive sales, it wastes place which can be used for more popular products.

Price: free (please note this app is in BETA phase)

2.   Spently

Mailing is a great way to get to customers. You can convince them not to abandon carts, place another order in your store or inform about a special offer. There is one condition – your emails must be well-written and well-designed.

Spently addresses both problems. You can choose from a vast library of HTML templates to create both informative and beautiful emails. Use built-in and easy to use analytic tools to make sure your new communication performs well. And the best thing – no coding skills are required.

Price: $9/month

3.   Survicate

It would be nice to know what users think of your products and website, right? Our Shopify App allows you to discover that by running short and non-intrusive surveys. You might ask your visitors what they think of your products, which competitors they know or what’s preventing them from placing an order.

It can help you increase conversion and sales by removing obstacles that visitors see and tailoring your website and services to customers’ needs.

Price: free plan available, more features in Business plan ($50/month).

4.   Langify

Serving customers from abroad is a good way to increase sales. There is one problem – customers expect your store to be translated into their language. Not a big surprise, we live in times when everything should be customized.

One of the most popular Shopify apps, Langify, helps you overcome this issue. You can easily redirect visitors to their language-specific website, provide the possibility to manually switch language and supports multilingual SEO.

Your conversion rates might considerably improve since foreign visitors will not bounce as you show them proper language version. If you want to sell abroad – this app is a must-have.

Price: $17.5/month

5.   Product Options

This is one of Shopify apps created for shop owners who have a lot of products in offer. Changing description or features manually for each of them separately is extremely time-consuming. And what if you had a possibility of applying bulk actions to all products from one brand or group?

It would save you a lot of time and effort as well as increase conversion – this would be the end of a product lacking attributes or features.  And this is exactly what Product Options can do. Example: you can set available sizes for all clothing with a few clicks.

Describing all the features here does not make much sense – you’d better visit a website of their app and watch the video.

Price: from $9.99/month

5 Shopify apps described above can make your work easier and increase conversion rates. You will find many more useful apps but you can start with those and then look for others if you need other functions.

Daniel Korczyński

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